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Aluprint & Graforegia develops
integral and innovative solutions delivering the highest quality and cost advantages, in MICROCORRUGATED, FOLDING CARTON, FLEXIBLE and LABEL packaging markets
Aluprint & Graforegia are positioned
as the packaging market leader in México with a growing presence throughout the Americas.
Our succesful history
is the result of building strong customer relationships while delivering total solutions.
Aluprint & Graforegia are built by people,
not by positions. It is our business to serve our communities as well as our shakeholders.
Packages utilizing mono-web or multi-layer laminations combining film, paper, foil, or other materials optimized for efficient filling, transportation, and consumer use.

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Boxes and materials of packaging in the virgin or recycled cardboard, of impressive graphic finish.

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As the current market leader in México of flexible soft drink and beer labels, Globalpack manufactures mono-layer structures and multi-layer laminations.

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Boxes of high graphic quality that provides a high protection to the content of the product.

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Developing of vanguard and innovating packages to satisfy the most exigent needs.

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